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The Japanese fastener industry is comprised of approximately 3,000 manufacturers that produce a total of approximately 1 trillion yen worth of fasteners annually and approximately 400 distributers and trading companies that generate a total of approximately 450 billion yen in annual revenue. These companies work day in, day out to improve quality of products and service they offer, with the goal of becoming the world's most advanced producers and suppliers of screws that fully satisfy customers.

The Fasteners Institute of Japan is a key public interest corporation that represents the fastener industry of Japan and is established for the purpose of keeping the industry advanced, enhancing its technical capacity, and also supporting rapidly-evolving Japanese manufacturers as a whole.

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Japan's fastener industry supports the world's best products.

History of Japanese screws and fastener industry

Introduction of history of Japanese screws and fastener industry

Roles of screw manufacturers

Introduction of roles of screw manufacturers

Roles of screw distributers and trading companies

Introduction of roles of distributers and trading companies

Screws that support manufacturers

Screws support Japan's manufacturing world

Evolution of fastener industry

Introduction of industrial efforts to assure high quality, productivity and environmental protection