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Letter from Chairman



Greeting on Assuming the Office of Chairman


The Fasteners Institute of Japan

Chairman ShoichiroTsubaki



Good ~ , ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to take a few moments to speak to you all on the occasion of my assuming the office of chairman of the Fasteners Institute of Japan.

On May 18th, I was appointed chairman of the Fasteners Institute of Japan at the general meeting of members and the board of directors meeting. Taking over the baton from Mr. Aizawa, ex-chairman, I am committed to doing my best for further development of the Japanese screw industry and for the industry to be able to contribute to the Japanese society widely and for eternity. So, I'm looking forward to your kind guidance and encouragement.

Now, notwithstanding the slow recovery in our domestic economy, personal consumption, which had been recovering, have come to hover. The index of industrial production, though it is beginning to recover, is just showing a slight increase. I feel that, even if the unemployment rate may fall, the pace of growth of Japanese economy is still slow. Also, the world economy is still in an obscure situation with uncertainty increasing due to Britain's leaving the EU, regime change in the United States, etc., while some bright signs are also felt. For example, the steady U.S. economy or stable crude oil market conditions, bold and positive infrastructure investments such as China's One Belt, One Road policy, advent of a new era of IOT and so on.

We, domestic screw manufacturers, are in a situation which defies prediction as to how the domestic market will be in the future, in addition to the overseas deployment of assembly industries, that is, major screw users, a concern of drastic decrease in screw demands due to automobiles turning into EV, etc. Our institute has been promoting various activities, looking forward to the future of screw industry. However, although my ability may be poor, I wish to take over the torch from our predecessors.

During these several years, I have been engaged in various activities as appointed chairman of the qualification committee. I have come to realize the difficulty of "human resources development" and to feel it more and more important. And, When I think of such importance, I can't help thinking that what we can do as the institute's activities are quite limited, but I do hope I can bear just a little bit more of the burden. Last year 126 people attended the lecture course and 120 people took the examination of the institute-certified screw manufacturing skill test (Grade 2), and 50 of them had the honor of passing. This year we will continue this, trying further to fulfill its content. The technical committee will promote the operation to contribute to the further improvement of technical capabilities through holding a technical training course or a heading technology school, and cooperative operation with the Japan Research Institute for Screw, Threads, and Fasteners, etc. Also, the future development and publicity committee wishes to help improve the motivation of those engaged in the screw industry by deepening social understanding, advertising the importance of screws widely as well as contributing to human resources development through such activities. The last Press, Sheet Metal, Forming Exhibition (MF-Tokyo 2015), in which we took part, was a great success with 1,456 visitors coming to our booth. We will take part again in the MF-Tokyo 2017 to be held in July this year. We want to continue making efforts to help develop the industry and the institute by clearly ascertaining the objective and target of the activities of each committee and international exchanges, etc.

The screws are useful fundamental parts used in every field and are indispensable. It is well said that "this world is made of screws."

Finally, I pray that many people everywhere deepen their understanding of and have more interest in the screw and screw industry. And I also pray, from the bottom of my heart, for the ever-increasing happiness and prosperity of the people who are engaged in the Japanese screw industry.


Thank you.