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Evolution of fastener industry

Guarantees for safe and secured quality

The aerospace, automotive and railway sectors and other cutting-edge industries require critical parts that are lighter and stronger, particularly screws that will not come loose easily. Cold working for example for SDK tool steel is now common technology even for rather unworkable titanium alloy. This therefore makes space exploration easier.

The fastener industry did not tolerate providing one defective piece out of 1 million products and aimed to guarantee every product it offered. This supported the Japanese automotive industry's battle for world dominance.


Support for productivity improvement

Manufacturers are making through efforts to make their assembly processes more efficient while maintaining quality, and the same is true in the construction industry and for its building construction processes.

To meet such needs, the Japanese fastener industry develops new fastening methods and materials to help manufacturers to make their assembly processes safer and more efficient and construction companies and builders to make their construction processes the same.


Contributions for environmental protection

The global warming, air and water pollution and deforestation and other selfish use of excessive energy and spread of waste are threatening the global environment.

Environmental protection is therefore a critical challenge for human society. The fastener industry of Japan will take all measures it can take in all processes from material selection to machining and process management in order to stop environmental destruction and global warming.