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Roles of screw distributers and trading companies

Product distribution and timely supply

Manufacturers sometimes use over 100 different types of fastening parts to make one product. Then they need to have a great amount of knowledge of products and screening methods and that requires a lot of time and efforts.

That where screw distributers and trading companies can help as they can chose and supply right fastening parts on time based on their specialized knowledge. They also do procurement for their customers, making sure that the procurement process is efficient and reliable.


Selected items

Manufacturers often require specialized fastening parts to assemble precision instruments, vehicles and electric home appliances. Screws are important fastening parts for products in all areas such as machineries, equipment, facilities, buildings and structures. So there are several hundred thousand types of screws.

Our users in general procure fastening parts they need through screw distributers and trading companies, which have lineup of selected items to meet the needs of the users in a wide variety of areas. When they have no appropriate part in stock, they will find one through the network of the sector peer companies.


Cost and quality

Cost is our customers' greatest concern, of course. Japanese products made by master craftsmanship have leading quality in the world, but it's difficult to keep their pricing at an appropriate level. Imported cheap screws and fastening parts often have bad quality, causing product production delay or needs for reworks and the problems of extending damages to users never stop.

The trading firms participating in the Screw Commerce Association is trying to import good quality products to respond to confidence of their customers. Working with reliable trading companies that takes utmost care of not only cost but quality will prevent unnecessary troubles.