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Roles of screw manufacturers

Supporting manufacturers

Needs and preference of manufacturers and consumers are more and more diversified. Globalization is also a key to make competitions in new product development even tougher.

But shortening new product development time and improving product quality and cost can't be realized without good corporation between manufacturers and suppliers.

Manufacturers of screws as fastening parts are not just manufacturers of products. They rather work hard to establish distribution system to directly deliver their products to their customers' production lines so that they can provide better service. They do so because they know their roles and responsibilities are to supply advanced products that meet the needs of their customers using the latest technology at the perfect timing.


Cooperation among screw manufacturers, customers and distributers and trading companies

There are hundreds of thousands of fastening parts and one manufacturer can't make all of them. Each manufacturer has its specialty and makes bolts, nuts, machine screws and other superior and original products to compete with others.

Some screw manufacturers take orders directly from their customers and participate in the development of their customers to assure quality of fastening parts they provide.

Many of screw users purchase fastening parts through screw distributers and trading companies, so manufacturers try to work together with the distributers and trading companies to supply products that their customers really need. Japan's fastening parts are superior in quality. But its environment-conscious manufacturing method and zero-defect supply are also keys to lead the global market.