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Screws that support manufacturers

Screws that are reliable and safe

Hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles that are based on new drive systems and fuel types are now in the market. But they are still required to have the same or even higher level of reliability, safety, durability, drivability and comfort than conventional vehicles.

Japan's fastener industry has been developing even stronger and lighter screw products to meet the stringent needs in the automotive industry. By developing screws that are strong, light, safe and reliable, we have been successful in making new excellent fastening parts to meet the requirement in the aerospace industry and for Shinkansen bullet trains, as well.


Screws that support manufacturers' economic needs

Economic needs of the products are not just pricing. This is a common sense among people in the manufacturing world. But this is also often neglected when procuring parts and components.

As a matter of course, the fastener industry is trying to cut cost directly. Also, we pay full attention to quality assurance of our products and service. We do so because we fully know the significance of losses and impact that quality problems can cause to our users.

Reliable screw manufacturers inspect all their products even though they make almost immeasurable quantities, hundreds of thousands or millions, of screws. Furthermore, they have strengthened distribution service to keep appropriate line operation level and stock-less inventory system. By doing this, they prevent being economically inefficient and improve productivity.


Screws that combines parts and components

In all screw production processes from forging, pressing, forming by rolling to cutting, materials, heat treatment, surface treatment and measuring and inspection, various technology and skills are implemented to assure performance and reliability of screws we make and lower cost associated in the production. All these technology and skills combined together support evolution of the world-leading screws and fastening parts of Japan.

Starting mass production of unique and specialized fastening parts and combining some components into one multifunction part are a few examples of a number of our successful efforts of making cost reduction and strength improvement.